Running out of Autumn

After a bout of illness, I’m back to running after about 3 weeks off. I’d previously got to covering 10km in intervals but I’ve regressed somewhat to 5km all-in-one runs the last few jaunts.

What I’ve noticed is that suddenly the season of Autumn is not of distain to me as it used to be. I used to recoil at all the leaves shrivelled and mushed up with footfall and natural decomposition. I have memories of soggy school trousers slapping the back of my legs and the 10 year old me desperately avoiding the city puddles but only to be hit with a spray of swamp from an inescapably dirty November car roaring through a puddle on the road. Traipsing back from school in the cold dusk twilight, I remember just wanting to get home and out of this filthy mess.

Now however, nature reclaiming its nutrients and the ground having a quilt of leaves covering its earth is nothing less than beautiful. What was formerly the crowning glory of summer is now the ground’s insulation, a home for a whole ecosystem and part of the cycle of the land and I enjoy being in it and sensing it shifting.

I have a few spots along this run of 5km in which I see the shifts of time prominently  and I plan of capturing these every few weeks and sharing them.


Swans and Geese in the distance of the Beet fields.

A view that will surely change with the seasons. The cold harsh sleep of Autumn/ Winter on show here.

Listening to: At Home: A Short History of Private Life – Bill Bryson

By far not a quick run, but considering I was snapping all of the above pictures- not bad. I love the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after a run. On this run I decided that I was going to write another blog (this one) and thought thoroughly about what I wanted out of it. As mentioned before, I used to write about just sewing and craft but after two years- my life felt bottlenecked into this and I wanted to write about a lot more than just craft. So, img_1434I laid my blog dormant and went out and just lived and learned what I was newly excited about. I have missed blogging though. Cathartic, therapeutic, organised. Logging my life and sharing it with the unknown is exciting and  even though throughout my blogging absence I have kept abreast with instagram and twitter, the process of writing is what I truly love about blogging.

So here we are as Autumn walks away down the path and up walks Winter, here are some more pictures from the towpath I run down and lets look forward to how it will change over the next 12 months and indeed, how I will change over the next 12 months.


Badger sett hidden along the towpath, only just spotted this so hopefully the gaze of the culling gang will overlook it. Having read and heard opinions on the culling of badgers, the science and research appear to show that this culling is of little use. Family systems blown to pieces mean that badgers are dispersed and decimated.


My running buddy, Clive. 7 years old and almost mockingly trots next to me.


Note to self: next year do more (edit: do SOMETHING) with Rose Hips.

C x