(Photography circa 2011)

I am Cathy… a 31 year old mother, dog owner, serial ‘hobbier’ and optimist.I used to have the blog ‘Bundana Begins’ but have decided to leave that to sleep as it was primarily a sewing blog. Sewing is still important to me, but I don’t feel that I want write solely about craft and sewing. I also felt that if I wrote about other bits and bobs that interest me (and there are a lot- I will come to this later) that the existing readership would feel a bit miffed and confused.

So, here is Bundana blog. Bundana because I’m Cathy Bundy and blog because that is what this is.

Hobbies. Well, to say that I enjoy life and have tried lots would be an understatement. I am a hobby hummingbird.. I have a basic knowledge of:

Photography, Cycling, Running, Sewing, Knitting, Embroidery, Chicken maintenance, Allotments/ Veg growing, Yoga, Canoeing, Kayaking, Baking, Foraging, Collecting CDs, Art Collecting, Jewellry making, Nature identification, Walking/ Hiking, Travelling, Red wine

<edit> Best friend Laura added… Taekwondo

This list is by no means exhaustive and as I am reminded (by my long suffering loved ones) of dormant hobbies I have stoked with passion and then moved on to the next one – I shall update appropriately.

So what now? Well, in all honesty… now I am getting to know myself and love who I am. In my twenties I would enthusiastically be discussing photography even though, in reality, it was 3 hobbies ago and I was now sewing. Now, I am happy with my fleeting shifts of passion. It is who I am and I am still as eager about life and what I am interested in as I was in my twenties and I hope I shall be in my forties and beyond!

So now, expect this blog to be a documented exposé of my current interests and break-down/ build up of them. Currently, I’m enthused by:

Running, Cooking, Being a Parent to my 3 years old daughter, Scuba Diving, Nature identification, Foraging, Learning Spanish (thanks to meeting Antonio 🙂 ), Knitting and Art

So that is what I shall write about. I have just come back from a run and saw some lovely nature… that would be a typical blog from me.

Welcome back any old readers from my serious sewing days and welcome any new readers.

C x


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